There is strong international focus on Western Australia’s Kimberley wilderness this year after The New York Times named the region one of the best places in the world to visit.
As found there are breathtaking vistas from the small expedition ships that sail along this rugged coastline of protected marine parks. Passengers disembark, often by zodiac (a motorised rubber dinghy) to explore pristine beaches and the vast hinterland, or to visit the remote inland towns and national parks. Others go flight-seeing for a dramatic overview of the reefs and the rich rusty landscape.
The Kimberley cruise season runs from May – the end of the wet season when mighty waterfalls course down steep cliff faces – until early October.
Kimberley Quest II is a regular in these waters and recently celebrated onboard chef Rhys Badcock’s win as Australian TV’s first MasterChef: The Professional.
Other regulars in these warm waters are Coral Princess, MV Diversity II, Escapade, MV Great Escape, Kimberley Quest, Lady M, Oceanic Discoverer, Odyssey, Orion, and True North
Latest arrival is MV Oceania, an expedition catamaran that carries 20 guests on 10-night cruises along this remote coastline,

Cruise log news: Luxury windjammer Sea Cloud has no set route on her 8-day Mediterranean cruise from Malta to Piraeus (Greece) next month, and relies on winds to determine each day’s ports of call. Passengers can watch Sea Cloud’s spectacular white sails unfurl, then enjoy pure sailing time. In November Sea Cloud and sister ship Sea Cloud II have similar timetable-free sailings around Spain’s sun-kissed Canary Islands, www.

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