Orion's expedition leader Mick Fogg up close with orang-utan in Borneo.
One of Orion’s expedition leaders finds himself up close to orang-utan in Borneo.

FOR many, a cruising holiday is a well-chosen break with a good mix of adrenalin fuelled activities. Depending on the destination, the adventure might be a trek to see orang-utan in Borneo’s steamy jungles, or an icy walk amid giant penguin colonies in Antarctica.

Small expedition ships sailing the world’s less travelled waters have always had an adventurous focus, and choices are widening as cruise lines look for points of difference to stand out from the crowd.

Expedition ships sail to remote locations carrying zippy zodiacs (inflatable rubber rafts with outboard motors) for exhilarating rides from ship to shore.

The luxury cruise line Silversea currently has the expedition ship Silver Explorer cruising to Antarctica, and in September Silver Galapagos will join the fleet for adventures to see unique wildlife in the Galapagos (1000km off Ecuador in South America).

As discovered on an Orion cruise, there are many lively adventures off ship that often result in wet feet, while life onboard is all about laid-back indulgence.

Cruise log news:  Dawn Princess is the latest ship to explore Australia’s northern coastline from Sydney to Perth on 17-day voyages. After disembarkation in Perth many of Dawn’s passengers board the Indian Pacific train for a 3-night crossing of the vast Nullabor Plain to Sydney on a ride that is rated as one of the world’s great train journeys. Passengers boarding Dawn Princess in Perth on June 26 to cruise to Sydney will also be able to ride the Indian Pacific train, but in the reverse direction.

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