Best seat in the house: deckchairs are always in demand on cruise ships.
Best seat in the house: deckchairs are in demand on cruise ships.

Go on a cruise and you will soon be filing passengers under character types. Some will be extroverts, others reclusive personalities, while others will complain about everything, and some eat anything in sight.  has compiled her own list of cruise types, and welcomes readers to add to it.

Cruise pack: They travel in a crowd, do everything together, and may even leave the cruise without talking to a single person they did not  know beforehand.

Greed is good: You rarely see these well-padded passengers away from food venues as they are obviously afraid theo fod will run out.

Dress for success: They board with cases full of perfectly accessorised outfits for every social eventuality, and then some more.

Fit and fitter: These passengers are up at dawn to do laps around the deck and in the pool, and visit the gym – all before breakfast.

Party animals: They are onboard to party big time, and they don’t mind if others swell their happy crowd.

Best seat in the house: Bags and books are placed on pool deckchairs to reserve them before heading off to breakfast. It irritates fellow passengers no end.

Night owls: They sleep late, make their first appearance for cocktails before dinner, and are last off the dance floor in the wee small hours of the morning.

What’s wrong: Everything. Complaints are the name of the game, yet these passemgers seem to be having a swell time.

Nappers: Older passengers -the bread and butter of any cruise line – steal afternoon nap, snooze through movies, in the library, or on deckchairs.

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