Excursions from a cruise ship are usually an additional cost.
Excursions from a cruise ship are usually an additional cost.

That warning applies as much to a cruise holiday as it does to any other contract.

As knows, not all cruises are equal.

True, many deliver with no extras. Others have costs that are not obvious.

That week-long cruise to idyllic tropical island ports looks great value, but what does it really include?

For a start, cruise passengers may have to book a flight to/from the cruise port that adds to costs.

As well, the price quoted is per person, twin-share. If travelling alone there is usually an additional cost for a cabin that is not shared.

Besides, the price quoted is invariably for an interior cabin with no porthole. Most cruisers prefer outside cabins with ocean views.

A cruise always includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there may be a catch here, too. Non alcoholic drinks may be free, while alcoholic drinks can be extra in the on board restaurants, by the pool, and in the bars.

It pays to keep track of boarding pass transactions too, as no cash is exchanged during a cruise with the final account arriving the night before disembarkation. It can be a shock!

Land excursions at ports are an additional cost, with some exceptions, but  it can be just as enjoyable to explore independently.

Tipping also adds to costs as some cruise lines automatically add crew gratuities to accounts.

That said, more cruise lines are moving towards great value all-inclusive packages so that passengers know exactly what the holiday costs before they leave home.

Let know about any “hidden extras” on your cruise.

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