Hiring a bike on a Univworld river cruise a;llows guests to explore a new port and keep fit at the same time.
Hiring a bike on a Uniworld river cruise allows guests to explore and keep fit at the same time.

LIFE on board your floating hotel can be as busy or as laid-back as you want it to be. Being active, or in flop-and-drop mode, can be as easily done on a river cruise ship as on an ocean liner.

Here are some pointers from australiancruisingnews.com

1.   Read the daily newsletter – delivered to staterooms every evening – for details of scheduled activities, opening times of restaurants, bars, and theatres, as well as information on the ship’s officers and crew.

2.  Book shore excursions early as they fill quickly, or decide to explore independently and plan those outings in advance. River cruise ships have bicycles on board for energetic passengers to use at ports of call. Ask crew members where they eat, drink and shop, and what else they like to do when ashore.

3,  Book beauty appointments early as these also fill quickly, especially before special events such as a cruise ship’s formal nights.

4.  If available, cabins with balconies are worth considering for relaxing and enjoying the freshest of air

5.  Pack sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses as the sun’s reflective glare can be much stronger on the water.

6.  Also pack a camera to capture holiday memories and binoculars for close-ups of the passing scenery

7.  Pack at least one special outfit, as well as mix and match casual clothes,   and bathers for pool and spa time. Some river ships now have a pool as well as spa treatments onboard.

8.  There is always competition for sun lounges around the pool so when travelling with a partner or friend bag one of those early in the day and share lounging time. One can be off working out in the gym while the other sunbakes, or vise versa.

9.  Take plenty of reading material as a ship’s library is not always well stocked with the latest books and magazines

10.  On most cruises the alcoholic drinks usually cost extra, so keep track of how much you indulge or you could be in for a shock when you see the final account.

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