MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS is as guilty as any other traveller of stocking up on souvenirs that trigger precious memories of cruise ports across the world.

travel souvenirs; memories
A collection of fridge magnets help recall cruise memories gathered in ports around the world.

A recent newsletter of the American discount cruise company VacationsToGo asked its online readers to share their favourite ways to keep track of past cruises.

Here are just a few of the responses edited for space and clarity.

  • “I keep track of my cruises by embroidering the routes the ships take on a dress that I made.”
  • “We bring back a bottle of water — not drinking water,- from the local water source. We’ve  bottles of Lake Titicaca water, Thames River water, Seine River water, Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) ocean water, Waikiki (Hawaii) ocean water, Mendenhall glacier (Alaska) water, and even water from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland (USA).  (It might be worth checking with Australian Customs before adopting this idea)
  • “We have a denim jacket from when my oldest son was a youngster – we purchased a big one – and all the patches and pins we collect wherever we cruise are sewn or attached to this jacket.”
  • “I use a scratch map. The map has a gold coating over every country, which I scrape off when I visit a new place.”

Alan Fox who is CEO of VacationsToGo which posed the question to its readers, says he’s heard from many people who trace their trips with push pins on large maps of the world.
He found that the most popular souvenirs gathered on travels included refrigerator magnets, Christmas ornaments, postcards and bracelet charms.

He also knows of one reader who has 74 charms so far, and that she has now transferred all of these to a necklace.

Another reader saves all her cruise ship ID cards to recall memories of those ships and the destinations visited, while another writes poems about the places she’s visited. And many others keep journals, both on paper and online,

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