WITH river cruising recently named as the top travel trend for 2015, new itineraries are fast being added to existing river cruise schedules. notes that the luxury cruise adventure company Pandaw  – it has operated in South East Asian rivers for many years – has some really interesting new itineraries.

A standout is a 7-night cruise on Myanmar’s (Burma) Chindwin River to explore the remote Lashi region (known as Nagaland) which sits close to the north-eastern border of Indian.

Naga Warriors
Naga warriors dressed to impress visitors to their the Lashi region of Myanmar.

This cruise can only operate on Pandaw’s ultra-low draught Kalay Pandaw in September when water levels are high enough to sail in that area of the river.

Pandaw’s Hugh Clayson says “Pandaw is pioneering this new voyage on the Upper Chindwin River to truly explore ‘off the beaten track’ Nagaland, an area of Myanmar which is famous for the colorful Naga Warriors. This short series of cruises are an opportunity for travellers to discover a remote region from the comfort and style of the luxurious Kalay Pandaw.”

Cruise guests will learn about the colonial history and architecture of Nagaland, visit a Buddha Lotus Garden with an exquisite temple and stunning views, and see where in 1942 the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company scuppered 600 ships in its fleet to prevent the invading Japanese force from using them on the river. Local villages will also be visited to meet the friendly Naga people, dressed in traditional costumes.

Pandaw has also introduced new sailings in India with a 7-day Backwaters of Kerala tour in the tranquil South, taking in the colourful spice and fish markets of Cochin as well as laid-back villages along Kerala’s waterways.

In contrast there is an intoxicating new 16-night The Holy Ganges and The Hooghly Rivers sailing from the famous Ghats at Varanasi to Kolkata formerly Calcutta) on the 22-suite RV Rajmahal,



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