Silver Shadow in Vietnam's scenic Halong Bay.
                       Silver Shadow anchored in Vietnam’s scenic Halong Bay.

Is it worth returning to a place you have been to before when there is so much of the rest of the world to see? always gives a resounding “yes” to that question.

The first time around can be so overwhelming, always rushing around ticking off all the sights that tourists are meant to see.

A second visit is far calmer, a time to glimpse below the surface and absorb the minutiae of the place, It is time to  take a closer interest in the people who live there, what they do, what they eat, how they relax.

Such familiarity turns a tourist into a real traveller.

Often cruise passengers choose an itinerary that takes them back to places they first visited by land. A sea arrival offers an entirely different land perspective, whether sailing into port on an ocean-going ship or on a smaller ship that cruises along a river. had such an experience recently while cruising from Singapore to Hong Kong on Silversea’s Silver Shadow with ports of call in Vietnam, which had been toured by road on a previous visit.

The beauty of that cruise was that ports of call were sometimes a distance from the heart of a city, so Silver Shadow’s organised coach tours gave passengers vivid glimpses of daily life in the small villages and sprawling suburbs approaching the main attractions..

As always on a cruise, passengers were well versed in what they would see on their excursions after informative lectures on board the previous night. Even first timers already felt they knew the place.

On arrival at the main attraction, invariably chose to explore independently as the tourist sights had been seen previously, and there was so much more to experience,




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