Cruise lines usually keep quiet about their environmental footprint so is interested to hear that Royal Caribbean Cruises has begun a 5-year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The cruise line says the link will help ensure the long-term health of the oceans.

Cruise lines are moving to ensure the long-term health of the world's oceans.
Cruise lines are moving to ensure the long-term health of the world’s oceans.

The partners will set sustainability targets to reduce Royal Caribbean’s environmental footprint, raise awareness about ocean conservation among more than five million cruise passengers, and support WWF’s global oceans conservation work.

The targets include reducing the cruise line’s greenhouse gas emission by 35% by 2020.

Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises says “This partnership with WWF is a big step forward in meeting our special responsibility to protect the oceans. Together, we are setting aggressive goals and will start implementing them right away.”

Carter Roberts, the US CEO of WWF,  says the threats facing the ocean are greater than ever. “In the last 30 years, some ocean wildlife populations have declined by nearly 50 percent. If we are going to reverse the downward trends, we must take serious steps to repair, restore and protect the oceans.

He says Royal Caribbean has set measurable targets to reduce carbon emissions, as well as responsibly sourcing of its wild-caught seafood. The cruise line would also engage its millions of travellers in learning about the ocean and acting to help save it.

In addition, Royal Caribbean will support WWF’s global ocean conservation work through a $5 million philanthropic contribution,

The world’s largest cruise line, Carnival, already has a programme to reduce its environmental footprint, and announced last year that it had met its goal to reduce CO2e (greenhouse gas emissions) from shipboard operations by 20 per cent – a year ahead of its initial plan – and aims for further reductions,



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