There is no shortage of opportunities to stay fit on Royal Caribbean's fleet that includes such attractions as rock climbing walls.
There is no shortage of opportunities to stay fit on Royal Caribbean’s fleet with attractions such as challenging rock climbing walls and basketball courts. often comes across travellers who have never been on a cruise and have no plans to take a holiday at sea.

Their main reason is usually that they want an active holiday, and cannot see that happening on a cruise ship.

How wrong can they be?

A cruise invariably offers a wealth of activity, be it on an ocean ship or one that sails along one of the world’s great rivers.

In recent years so many activities have been introduced on board ships, and at ports of call, that the main problem is choosing which ones to do.

Cruise ships, particularly the mega liners, have become floating resorts, and river ships have also lifted their offerings.

A river cruise can also lead to exhaustion that is tied to exhilaration.

For it came on a bicycle ride along the Danube River from Austria’s Durnstein to Melk. We were all passengers on a Scenic voyage which had bikes on board, so a group of us decided to get the wind in our hair by riding along the river bank, to beat our cruise ship from one port to the next.

Not that we needed the exercise as we had, on previous days, hiked up hills for stunning views, explored medieval villages along the river on foot, and walked through vineyards to sample wines in cool limestone caves.

Did our group of bike riders beat our ship to the next port?

Well no. There were too many distractions along the way, from markets where we bought food, to craft shops where we bought gifts, to bars where we stopped for coffee and a chat with locals. It was a great chance to get up close and personal. But we were back in plenty of time for dinner on board our floating hotel,

For those in doubt, check out any cruise line’s website to see what sporty challenges are on board, and what adrenalin activities are offered at each port.


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