Snorkelling in Arctic waters is a new activity with Aurora expeditions. Pic: Mick Valos.
Snorkelling in icy waters of the Arctic is a new activity for passengers on board one of Aurora Expeditions’ small ships. Pic: Mick Valos. has been told the  “coolest way” to see the Arctic this northern summer is by snorkelling on one of Aurora Expeditions small ship cruises to Spitsbergen (Norway) and Greenland from now until September.

Polar snorkelling allows travellers to explore new sites above and below the icy Arctic waters, and see surprisingly colourful marine life from sea anemones to sea urchins, and the occasional polar cod.

It is also an opportunity to get up close to glistening Arctic pack ice, and fascinating ice formations that exist below the ocean surface.

And the best thing?

Snorkellers do not need scuba diving experience to jump in as the activity is available to anyone with basic snorkelling experience.

Polar snorkelling equipment on board includes a dry suit – specially designed for polar snorkelling – hood, gloves, boots and a full snorkel set of fins, mask and snorkel.

Experienced dive guides with over 20 years’ polar experience give snorkellers detailed briefings and best practice ways to make sure they have a safe snorkelling experience.

True, Polar snorkelling is not for the feint-hearted, but those with a love for exploration and a real spirit of adventure are among the few to enjoy some of the planet’s most unexplored waters.

Polar snorkelling is now an optional activity across a selection of Aurora Expeditions’ 2016 and 2017 Arctic and Antarctic voyages operated in conjunction with diving partners Waterproof Expeditions,


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