Dressing gowns are fine for heading to the spa, but not suitable attire for the dining room.
Dressing gowns are fine when heading to the spa, but not suitable attire for the dining room on a cruise ship.

Cruise passengers are so relaxed on a cruise ship that they often lose their normal inhibitions. Let’s face it, they are unlikely to meet their fellow passengers again when back on land.

Take the evening australiancruisingnews.com was heading off to her cabin to pick up a warm wrap before heading out on deck.

Along the corridor she sighted a male passenger who was stark naked. The temptation was to turn back, but she continued walking. As she passed the man he nodded, “Good night!” with a cheerful smile

Later, heading back along the corridor she found he was still standing “starkers” and still smiling.

Turns out the man accidentally locked himself out of his cabin as he retrieved a message that had been left on the rack outside his door. He was waiting for a crew member to let him back in.

“Starkers” can also be the sight in hot climes where passengers want an all-over suntan and prefer facecloths from their cabin as cover-ups for vital parts rather than a slightly more modest bikini or speedos.

Sometimes the offenders just happen to be the very overweight, who should be covering up big-time and not exposing their wares.

Then there are the unawares who leave cabin curtains open, jump out of the shower and go to the window to check out the weather, only to find someone gazing in at them port side.

Some passengers dress just as they might alone at home. They even turn up to meals in PJs and fluffy slippers, or in dressing gowns. Their excuses range from having a spa treatment later, or running out of time to change for lunch.

australiancruisingnews.com would love to hear from readers about their onboard cruise ship “sightings”.





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