That highly commercialised St Valentine’s Day has arrived, but romance really is an option at any time of the year.

With billowing sails, a Star Clipper vessels, is sure to bring the romance of the seas to life.
      With billowing sails, a Star Clipper is sure to bring the romance of the seas to life.

Some holidays at sea really do pull the romantic strings big time.

Having sailed on Star Clippers’ ships, believes these fully masted vessels tick all the romantic boxes, and really are akin to private yachts.

Right now Star Clippers operates three of the world’s largest and tallest full-crewed sailing vessels, where half the fun comes when passengers “help” the crew hoist the sails to catch the wind.

Star Clippers has put together some of the romantic experiences on tall ship itineraries.

Champagne fireworks: If the timing is right, guests can sip champagne on the teak deck of a tall ship while watching the rosy glow from Italy’s Stromboli (off the coast of Sicily) during a late evening sail-past. Showers of fire and molten lava are often sighted from this active volcano.

Fresh footprints: Voyage on the four-masted Star Clipper, under thousands of feet of billowing sails, to explore exotic Indonesian islands where virgin white sand beaches, haloed by crystal clear turquoise sea, offers a taste of Robinson Crusoe’ lifestyle.

Loving Venice: Truly one of the world’s most beautiful ports, a sail along Venice’s Giudecca Canal on a clipper ship offers views of majestic old palaces and churches, and that’s before a gondola ride when guests are serenaded by a rich-voiced gondolier.

La Dolce Vita: A clipper cruise along the Italian Riviera offers time on shore to wander the narrow streets of Portofino, a former fishing village that is now one of Italy’s most fashionable and romantic towns. And once exploring is over there is time for a cooling limoncello granita.

Caribbean rhythm: Discover seductive Cuba – the current hotspot on every travellers’ wish list – where samba, salsa and swaying palms rule. This must-see tropical destination has to be visited right now, before too much of the island’s authentic Caribbean lifestyle changes.

Star Flyer and Star Clipper, each carry 170 guests, while Royal Clipper carries 227 guests. Flying Clipper, with 300 guests, will join the fleet next year,

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