Jules Verne’s character Phileas Fogg circumnavigated the world in 80 days, but notes that today’s cruise ships prefer a far slower pace.

Viking Cruises has just announced what has to be the longest ever world cruise, a 245-day continuous journey that will visit 59 countries with calls into 113 ports. (The full itinerary is seen on the map below.)

The cruise on the 930-passenger Viking Sun will take in every continent except Antarctica, and will even circumnavigate South America on a path that is rarely taken by cruise ships. Capital cities and lesser known places around the world are on the itinerary as well as remoter islands and tropical getaways. There will be 22 overnight port stays to take in must-do sightseeing further afield.

Leaving London (Greenwich) on August 31 next year, the Viking Sun cruise will also end in London on May 2 the following year.

      The sleek cruise ship Viking Sun will take passengers on a 245-day world cruise.

And the cruise cost?

From $US92,990 – or $US380 a day – including a business class international airfare, transfers to and from the ship, all gratuities and service fees, and even free alcohol on board.

For those who cannot spare 245 days at sea, there is the option of joining the cruise from London to Los Angeles (sector covers 127 days) from $US47,995 or a 119-day cruise from Los Angeles to the UK from $US45,995.

Interestingly, Viking’s last world cruise ended on May 5 this year in London after a mere 141 days at sea.

For more information visit day world cruise


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