CIVIL unrest slowed tourism to a trickle in Egypt in 2011, but calmer times returned with the presidential election last year, and River Nile cruises made a strong comeback. 

However, there was a brief return to unrest last month when 17 people were killed across Egypt on the 4th anniversary of the uprising that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak. As a result tour operators continue to closely monitor the situation there.

Already back in Egypt, Insight Vacationsfirst tour from the capital Cairo included  a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan with the company’s CEO John Boulding.

Mr Boulding’s  first and overarching impression was just how pleased locals were to have international guests back. “We were warmly welcomed not just by our team there, but also by shopkeepers and stall holders, waiters, hotel staff and workers at the great archaeological sites.

     “I was reminded how inviting and  friendly the Egyptian people are.”

He added that recent political turmoil had not been swept under the carpet, “Local were very open and willing to share their thoughts on what had happened to their country, and there was a definite sense of stability and positivity pervading”,

Trafalgar Tours (  is also back in Egypt as is Abercrombie & Kent which has the luxury Nile cruiser Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, has been to Egypt and never tires of its  bustling bazaars, iconic pyramids, sandy desert (yes, you can ride a camel there), and all those epic tales of tomb raiders.